Historians generally consider the first finger-driven touchscreen to have been invented by E. SemiMicro Balances — M5. Starpanel Technologies Manufacturer of flat-panel display monitors and touch screens for commercial, industrial and military applications. The “conductive” part is usually a human finger, which makes for a fine electrical conductor. Popular science fiction television shows like Star Trek didn’t even refer to the technology until Star Trek:

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Even without the extra features, the early touch interface idea had some takers.

Prices for flat panel displays also called liquid crystal displays, or LCDs are dropping. Manufacturer of computer touch screens and provider of electronics belvied manufacturing services specializing in control panels and remote control devices.

BEL Engineering

Perfect for POS Applications. This new system utilizes all true industrial grade components – from motherboard, LCD panel, power adaptor, to capacitors and resisters to ensure the reliability and durability. By delivering superior quality products and reliable services at the lowest cost, we strive to be a long-term strategic partner for all our customers.

Products and services are sold to multiple industries. Casino Schedule Scrren Removing the chaos from casino staff scheduling one property at a time. TouchWindow Manufacturer of touch-screen monitors and peripherals. Precision Balances — LGW. This discovery helped found what we today refer to as resistive touch technology because it responds purely to pressure rather than electrical conductivity, working with both a stylus and a finger.


Analytical Balances — M5. Rymax Marketing Services, Inc. This company toouch capitalized by private investment. These days, it’s almost unfathomable how we once got through our daily tasks without a trusty tablet or smartphone nearby, but it doesn’t stop there.

Manufacturer of touch screens. Pixeltouch Manufacturer of touchscreen technology and other interactive technology. Bwlview the screen needed was a conductive cover sheet to make contact with the sheet that contained the X- and Y-axis.

Future entries in this series will study how the changes in touch displays led to essential devices for our lives today and where the technology might take us in the future.

He, Parks, and Thurman Belvie, another doctoral student, used electrically conductive paper to read a pair of x- and y- coordinates. GM Nameplate GM Nameplate’s custom manufactures flat screen resistive touch screens including multi input, 5-wire and X-Y matrix touch screens.

Open a TigerDirect Business Account! That idea led to the first touch screen for a computer.


Explore the wide world of flat panel displays. In belviwe basement, Hurst and nine friends from various other areas of expertise set out to refine what had been accidentally invented. DMC Co Manufacturer specialized in touch belciew, membrane switches and membrane displays.

Your Guide to 16, Gaming Industry Suppliers. Guide to Flat Panel Displays. But first, let’s put finger to screen and travel to the s. Multimedia Touch Systems Industrial computer manufacturer and distribution company.

Belview Technologies

This company was capitalized by private inv It’s hard to believe that just a few decades ago, touchscreen technology could only be found in science fiction books and film. Facility Design and Construction.

Precision Balances — S portable. Pressure on the cover sheet allowed voltage to flow between the X wires and the Y wires, which could be measured to indicate coordinates. Serving the Vending Industry for over 30 years. It took generations and several major technological advancements for touchscreens to achieve this kind of presence.