Please, any information would be greatly appreciated. De antemano muchas gracias. I am connected with the ethernet cord, should i plug in the usb, will it help or is it the modem? Here is my setup …. I have the router through comcast cable and it i s soooooo slow almost like dial up. Is there a connection issue?

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How do I fix this?

ERIC August 19,5: Deseo configurar el puerto Xcp2100 de mi modem dpx para poder salir por ahi a Internet pero no encuentro los Drivers para instalarlos alguien tendra por ahi los drivers para configurar el puerto USB del Modem. I currently have this modem and I can tell you all mostly what you need to know.

Webstar Cable Modem Dcp Series Scientific Atlanta | eBay

Do you have to have one computer hard wired to the router or can they all be wireless? I have a Linksys WRT54G2 and i noticed another person posted problems with this router connecting the the internet via the modem. Sajwar Saleem June 23,8: I just recently got cable internet thru brighthouse, and was provided with a modem just like the omdem that i have and it is working. Tengo un modem Scientific Atlanta EPC y quiero desconectar el cable del modem pero la tuerca no gira y si lo fuerzo gira un poco la pieza en la que se rosca y tengo miedo de romperlo.


Cable Modem Troubleshooting: Scientific Atlanta DPC

Cable Modem Admin Page: Could anyone please let me know how i dc2100 get into. What does this mean? Kevin October 2,4: Hey, I was wondeig how to open ports with this on the settings, because I have a few that need opened to I can connect to my Xbox Live. Maybe I need to flash it, is this possible at all?

Cable Modem Troubleshooting: Scientific Atlanta DPC2100

Ross McKillop April 3, Cadros July 23,6: Which leads to me these two questions:. Jim November 11,2: RoxMary May 17,8: Desde ya Muchas Gracias.

I also tried the trick of the laptop as a wireless adapter but didnt work. Michele — I stand corrected.

This will bring you to a command prompt screen. I agree but between the router and the modem …try to set it up yourself. What can possibly be the problem? Santos Rivera April 27,2: I keep failing because of a DNS or something. I have the router through comcast cable and it i s soooooo slow almost like dial up.


I tried uninstalling it and installing it even after rebootingto no avail. Carlos Medina November 5,7: I have a netgear wireless router and can not hook it up. It tells me I have limited or no connectivity.

I want to set up a wireless network. If anyone knows of a driver for this or how to contact Scientific Atlantic, Cisco dcp22100 whoever is making this, please let me know. Karel October 27,1: