It attempts to delete these temporary records after it finishes. If MirrorSync is being installed on a different computer than your FileMaker Server, read the ‘split server deployments’ section below. The MirrorSync installer normally needs a network connection during the installation process. If the hostname or IP address does not change, and all that is changing is which server MirrorSync is running on, then follow these instructions:. First of all, we recommend setting the ‘MirrorSync setup’ script as your startup script, or calling it from the startup script.

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This is known and expected behavior. We do not have all these stored procedures set it up in mainframe.

jdbc 6 « Database « Java Database Q&A

Personal tools Log in. For installation on Mac or Windows, we recommend you use the installer. Maybe you want to send an e-mail to an administrator when a user completes a delivery, creates a request for a quote, or deletes a job in production. Just don’t include any fields on your sync layouts except the ones that you want to sync.

This then makes it easy to filter records on a per-user basis, and the user’s account name will be used for any actions taken on the FileMaker Server. This approach does not work unless the invoice number field is separate from the primary key.

It will detect when the same record s are modified on both database and take action. I would be thankful jfbc any kind of pointers and I appreciate any discussion on topic.

There are other variations on the same theme ie. If the fields are separate, the problem becomes simpler to solve, because you have the flexibility to change the value of the invoice number without breaking relationships. If all users on that device log in with the same username, then it’s probably OK, as long as you make sure that you are not using record level access privileges on the offline device that would grant different record access to different users.


However, if you must use a schema like this, you should select ‘Developer-managed’ primary keys. The initial sync will run very quickly in this configuration, and will take care of deleting records that the user does not have access to based on filtering criteria. You could just as well set any field on the record to its current value, or make some more meaningful change, such as filling in a date field with the data that the job was completed.

Most of the time, this is fine.

FileMaker 16 JDBC Exceptions | FileMaker Community

On Windows, run ‘C: The certificate will not be updated on these versions so in order to launch the configuration client you must add the origin site to the exception list. However, this will only work when editing a configuration, not when creating a new one, so complete the configuration without filtering and then edit it to test the SQL filtering.

Old versions of MirrorSync will jdbcdrivrr an expired developer certificate so Java will keep the applet from launching.

Using the write-back approach, the invoice number field will be blank when a record is created in an offline file. Can I just sync certain tables, fields, fki records?


Then try the sync again. The book says there should be 3. It uses this to download a copy of Apache Tomcat 7 from the Apache web site, as well as doing a network license check to validate the license key. It is not uncommon for some operations in MirrorSync to take minutes, depending on the amount of data involved.

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Contact FileMaker tech support for help getting this running. There are several possible solutions to this problem:. Welcome to the advanced section of the MirrorSync documentation! Let’s say that you have a single serial number as your primary key, which is doing double-duty as an invoice number field.

For instance, you could have a ‘full sync’ which syncs all tables in both directions, and then a ‘save work order’ sync which would only sync a handful of tables one-way from the offline device to the server.

For this reason, we do not recommend ESS unless syncing is not an option for some reason. This can happen when syncing very large batches of records.

Click on “Edit Site List” and then click “add” and enter in your origin site. Contents 1 Deployment questions 1. The sync will then use their username and password for all requests to the hub database server.