We are now using these ideas plus the structural extensions mentioned above in the problem domains mentioned in Task 4. Extension of Functional Dependencies logic to manage other kinds of dependencies Fuzzy, Temporal, etc. Our main publication is [60]. In particular, we have a good library to study the different advances about the development of information retrieval based on fuzzy linguistic modelling and genetic algorithms, we also have some computers to implement the different models of information retrieval systems, and finally, we also have some collections of documents to validate such models CRANFIELD,TREC y CACM. Beginning with data series about the evolution and viability of economic units, we shall establish a segmentation criterion by means of dynamic recurrent networks which have been constructed and trained to enable the economic-financial risk of economic units to be predicted, and we shall study assessment models which can be applied to these. Journal of Information Science.

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Reduction in the number of experiments auip the neural network input and output structure selection stage. Application domains Task T4. Project objectives The project has a goal of technological advancement toward the construction of a Spatial Data Infrastructure SDI in Spain making possible the development of national technology in this field. The proposed models are being validated with financial data about the indebtedness of town councils in the Autonomous Community of Wuip in collaboration with these.

To be published [65] O. Watson Research Center that will be held during the forth quarter of Furthermore, we got additional budget to pay a six-month research visit to Dr. The conceptual framework of ambient intelligent systems includes an ontological foundation that structures the adaptability of the system to the users. We shall focus a/dlan-n5 two types of problems: In this IRS model we use always the same linguistic term set.


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Un nuevo enfoque evolutivo: Towards clarifying the importance of interactions in Agent-Oriented Software Engineering. Currently, we are working on adjusting the similarity criteria and thresholds in practice. This convergence of interests allows functionalities which make profit of the new communication technologies mainly through the web and demands important advances in the technological and also semantic interoperability in the domain of spatial information. Among the theoretical achievements obtained, it a/wlsn-n5 worth mentioning the definition of Temporal Fuzzy Chains TFCs as a mechanism for representing systems a/wlan-n evolve in time, which we shall call Dynamic Systems.

What we call the core notion, EI 0, is one way of defining those three concepts.

Corpus Leeds Ac UK – Use of corpora in translation studies

Awards Thesis [22, 4, 8, 2, 1] 3 [7, 12, 15] [5, 14, 6, 16] 7 [17, 11, 20, 10, 19, 9, 21] 3 [18, 3, 13] 1 4 Total Table 2: We are currently working on the design of a trading system to outsource web services.

The following seven PhD theses are linked to the Web-i 2 project. Recall that this task was divided into two new tasks regarding the study of ontologies and the repositories. Classic methods for analyzing and forecasting these data series are basically statistical, and generally impose restrictions which are rarely satisfied in real problems.

Finally, the development of multi-objective optimization techniques has enabled us to obtain both the optimum structure of the network and the trained network itself.

More than downloads of the EIDE platform from the Web-i 2 site and more than two hundred cd-copies of it distributed.

The publications related to this task are [25, 26, 27, 36, 47, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 76, 77]. We still need to refine the protocols and to study their properties regarding correctness, completeness and complexity.


Corpus Leeds Ac UK – Use of corpora in translation studies – PDF Free Download

This research is fully complementary to previous approaches. The rest of members of the research group are mainly involved in the project TIC C, reported below. These links have materialized on joint publications, joint organization of events, and joint projects.

It is necessary either to build a performance tool to directly compute the performance of the model that MASCOTime generates. From the starting point of the Functional Dependencies methateoretical results concerning Funtional Dependencies Logics developed by this subgroup in the past, we design efficient algorithms directly based on the logic deduction system.

In all above models, the big problem to solve is to design adequate interfaces that allow users to provide their information needs by means of the linguistic information. Tools for specification and validation of EIs. On ordered weighted averaging aggregation operators in multicriteria decision making.

Negotiation support in highly-constrained trading scenarios. We are designing a graphic interface that allows users qui; express their preferences by means of simple clicks on the mouse.

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CASLO is a web services-based collaboration server used to coordinate and negotiate the collaborative development of learning objects [9]. A decision support tool for mixed bundling. Tosic 8 whose research is very related to ours.