Given, Then, And, But are just Cucumber acceptance test format keywords. Capybara can block and wait for Ajax requests to finish after you’ve interacted with the page. Some drivers allow access to response headers and HTTP status code, but this kind of functionality is not provided by some drivers, such as Selenium. The driver is installed by installing the capybara-envjs gem: Using Selenium means that your tests will be running using Firefox.

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Adding debug info to a failed case Standart Cucumber reports are very useful for gathering your test results.

Capybara simulates how a real user would interact with a web application. You can install it with: Capybara allows you to add custom selectors, which can be very useful if you find yourself using the same kinds of selectors very often:. Asynchronous JavaScript Ajax and friends When working with asynchronous JavaScript, you might come across situations where you are attempting to interact with an element which is not yet present on the page. To set up a development environment, simply do: Install as a gem: It’s common practice to mock out the Time so that features that depend on the current Date work as expected.

Capybara — Webkit is used for headless testing.

Javascript Testing With Capybara and Cucumber

Source hosted at GitHub. In the second scenario, Capybara knows to use the webdriver we set up previously when it sees the javascript tag. Here is the full list of options: However, it’s also ms to give this a different name, so tests can switch between using different browsers effortlessly:. You can set up a different default driver for your features. It is written in pure Ruby and does not have any support for executing JavaScript.


Since the RackTest driver works directly agains the Rack interface, it does not need any server to be started, it can work directly work against any Rack app. Celerity only runs on JRuby, so you’ll need to install the celerity gem capybarq JRuby: Report will be available under the Cucumber icon.

Adding Browser Logs to your Capybara/Cucumber UI Test Report – TestDevLab Blog

These elements all have all the Capybara DSL methods available, so you can restrict them to specific parts of the page:. In the past, I had written off testing the Javascript in my Sinatra apps as being not worth the pain of setting up. You can specify an optional match option which will automatically use the selector if it matches the argument:.

By default, JavaScript tests are run using the: Note that this may break with more complicated expressions: Cucumber already can generate JSON file with result values that can be converted in report. You can adjust how long this period is the default is 2 seconds: Please create a topic branch for every separate change you make.


Standart Cucumber reports are very useful for gathering your test results. The capybara-webkit drive is for true headless testing. It will also capybzra and report any Javascript errors that happen within the page.

Capybara does not try to guess what kind of selector capybra are going to give it, and will always use CSS by default. Finders You can also find specific elements, in order to manipulate them: Note that find will wait for an element to appear on the page, as explained in the Ajax section.

Besides that you cannot use the RackTest driver to test remote applications. On the ruby side, we do jjs same old song and dance: Feature can also include optional description, which is meant to help understand the context.

A complete reference is available at at rubydoc.

The visit method only takes a single parameter, the request method is always GET.

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